"I am most happy and satisfied that this lawsuit brought to light a cesspool of sexual violence and harassment that exists in police departments across this country. I'm living proof that you can speak out against sexual violence and win justice. I am very proud that as a result of speaking out the Las Cruces Police Department no longer allows student ride-alongs to be alone with officers unsupervised and that reporting misconduct is now encouraged instead of discouraged.

I would like to thank the female detective that asked me why I wasn't at the police academy and who believed me and supported me to speak the truth against the male officer who raped me. She also told the truth in her deposition about the male officers speaking in a degrading way about women and she gave me the courage to keep fighting for a safe place for women to serve as officers."

-Diana G.

"All of you people at Kennedy Law firm are the BEST. Thank you for everything you have done for us."

-Janice Wadsworth