Former City of Albuquerque records custodian Reynaldo Chavez recently swore in an affidavit that city officials were instructed to delete and alter body camera and surveillance videos-including videos involving the high profile police killings of Mary Hawkes and Jeremy Robertson. Kennedy Kennedy & Ives represents both families in lawsuits against the City.


Photo Courtesy: Jim Watson/Getty

The software, according to Chavez, allows officials at the Albuquerque Police Department to delete and edit videos that are routinely uploaded as evidence in civil and criminal cases. Chavez says that the Department has taken advantage of this capability in order to conceal misconduct by city personnel.

The allegations are discussed in detail in recent media reports in The Daily Beast and in New Mexico In Depth.

The City has announced that it will hire an independent investigator “to determine whether original video evidence has been properly preserved and maintained.” For details on that announcement, see the article that was recently published in the Albuquerque Journal.