New Mexico, other states escalate probes into Church misconduct

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Sexual Abuse - Plaintiff

Recent media accounts across the country note that, while legions of Catholic priests have been individually targeted in sexual abuse cases, higher-ranking Church officials largely escape close scrutiny in such probes.

That now appears to be changing, offering material hope to abuse victims who have long believed that a full account of wrongdoing might be forever elusive.

National news reports are now disclosing up-the-ante efforts of attorneys general in many states to identify and hold culpable clerics and administrators who have long enjoyed anonymity in their internal investigations of alleged problem priests.

New Mexico is decidedly in the mix. Reportedly, government attorneys in the state are joining those in many others conducting escalated probes into misconduct, taking a “fresh look” into newly gathered evidence.

That evidence seems figuratively mountainous, and researchers are hoping that its thorough culling will shed new light on the sheer parameters of abuse. Notably, prosecutors stress that they might rely upon state racketeering laws often applicable to organized crime to widen the net on Church officials guilty of committing or abetting criminal sexual acts.

We applaud such efforts at Kennedy Law Firm in Albuquerque, given our firm’s routine and unstinting focus on empowering sex abuse victims. Our deep legal team collectively commands decades of on-point and passionate advocacy helping valued and diverse clients tell their stories, hold wrongdoers accountable and obtain maximum justice for the wrongs they have suffered.

We duly stress on our website that the shame attached to sexual abuse belongs solely “to the perpetrators and the institutions who failed to provide protection.”

We will keep readers timely apprised of any material developments emerging from the above-cited investigation.

And we add here that our doors are always open to individuals who would like to speak with our attorneys. They can do so in candor and confidence regarding any sexual abuse-linked questions, concerns or claims they might have.

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