Co-star of cop drama quits, claims discrimination and harassment

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The ABC show “The Rookie” has lost a co-star. Afton Williamson plays a police officer on the show. She has quit due to claims of sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

Williamson posted on Instagram about quitting. She said that the harassment and discrimination started with the pilot episode and got worse throughout the first season. After she felt that the production company was not responding to her claims, she decided not to return for the second season.

Claims of harassment and discrimination

According to Williamson, the actor of a recurring character sexually harassed her throughout the filming of the first season.

She also said members of the hair department made racially charged comments starting from the filming of the pilot episode. The comments grew worse throughout the season.

Inadequate response

Although she brought these claims to the showrunner, Williamson did not feel that the producer responded appropriately. In her post, she wrote that after she reported the sexual harassment, the showrunner did not fire the recurring actor. And when the network renewed the show for a second season, it became clear to Williamson that the showrunner had not started any investigations into the harassment and discrimination.

A struggle to be heard

Many women struggle like Williamson to be heard. ABC made a comment saying they only heard about the allegations this June. Entertainment One – the production company that produces the show – started an investigation in June as well.

Williamson claims that the investigation only started after she called a meeting with her agent, her union representative, and producers of the show in June. At that meeting, she said the other producers did not know of the claims. The showrunner had not documented the claims or reported them to human resources.

Using her voice

Many women may face difficulty when reporting claims of harassment or discrimination in the workplace. By leaving the show and posting her story on social media, Williamson has used her voice to bring light to her struggles.

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