How common, serious is sexual abuse in women’s prisons?

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That is the term employed by one inside commentator on women’s prisons in New Mexico to describe the degree to which sexual assault occurs against inmates in those facilities.

We echo the assessment at the Albuquerque law firm of Kennedy Law Firm. Our deep legal team of attorneys who advocate with diligence and passion on behalf of sexual abuse victims knows from long experience that prisons are not exempt as locales where abuse occurs.

In fact, they promote it, and for multiple reasons that include these:

  • Abusers — guards and other employees — remain in close proximity to victims, which fosters recurrent behavior
  • Prison populations are a captive and easily accessed demographic
  • Authorities often tend to dismiss prisoners’ allegations
  • Offenders can punish noncompliance with various types of retaliation

A New Mexico media piece spotlights multiple lawsuits that have been filed recently on behalf of female inmates in the state. Those complaints allege the repeated commission of sexual assaults by correctional officers.

An underlying theme in the litigation is the victims’ sense of helplessness and attendant fear of suffering retaliation by fighting back or complaining. The article underscores one plaintiff’s concern that she “wasn’t taken seriously by prison administration and [that] the accused officer maintains his job and position today.”

Kennedy Law Firm provides knowledgeable and aggressive legal representation for inmate abuse victims, with our proven pool of attorneys deeply appreciating their singular vulnerability in locked-up facilities. We note on our website that, while perpetrators work hard to ensure silence, we work harder “to bring an abuser’s conduct to light.”

We welcome contacts to the firm from individuals having any questions or concerns regarding this important legal subject matter.

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