Sex abuse findings from study the second time around: about the same

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No improvement.

That is largely the bottom line evidenced by researchers after they culled the results from a voluminous study spotlighting the prevalence of sexual abuse on America’s university campuses.

And that concerns them for this narrow and direct reason: The just-concluded Association of American Universities-sponsored survey was previously administered a handful of years ago, and yielded a similar result.

That is this: About one-fourth of all female undergraduate students at major U.S. colleges have reportedly been sexually assaulted at those institutions.

How galling and horrific is that?

As alarming as such a number — pointedly, 25% — is for parents of daughters attending colleges across the country, it is of course far more concerning for the members of what is clearly an exceptionally vulnerable demographic.

Those women were targeted and criminally exploited by perpetrators. And relevant statistics underscore that the pool of potential-to-actual victims is not diminishing. Extrapolated, relevant research spotlights millions of women in harm’s way.

University officials know well the dimensions of what is unquestionably a crisis on their campuses. College officials from coast to coast cite concern and point to created programs and resources made available to help women report, deter and, when necessary, follow through legally on sex crimes.

The effectiveness of such initiatives is in question. Reportedly, most students know of their availability, but underutilize them. A Washington Post article stresses that many victims feel “embarrassed or ashamed” about coming forward.

We know that response and related fear well at the established law firm of Kennedy Law Firm in Albuquerque. We note on our website that, “Just the thought of coming forward about sexual abuse can be paralyzing for many people.”

A long-experienced and empathetic pro-victims’ legal team routinely helps victims work through those fears and secure empowerment through proactively taking action against wrongdoers. Doing so is often the first — and an incredibly powerful — step toward restoring confidence and purpose in life.

We welcome contacts to our firm from individuals seeking information about our proven advocacy for sexual abuse victims.

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