Don’t let a therapist keep you from reporting sexual abuse

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2020 | Sexual Abuse - Plaintiff

The last thing most New Mexico parents would want is to let someone who hurt their children get away with it. Unfortunately, parents may receive bad advice to not pursue the matter with the courts because someone told them that no one would believe the allegations of sexual abuse. It would be irresponsible for someone to give this advice, especially when the children will then grow up thinking that they will not be believed, which could have serious ramifications to their lives.

Sadly, one New Mexico family didn’t report an incident of sexual abuse because a therapist recommended a mother not report that a man abused her two daughters in 2010 because no one would believe them. Fast forward to 2019, and the man was convicted of sexual abuse and sentenced on March 11.

The 59-year-old blamed his reprehensible behavior on drinking too much. He claimed not to remember the incident, but said that if he was drinking, he may have “overly touched them” while playing with them. What the man attempted to shrug off as an innocent mistake greatly affected the two girls, and the courts found the encounter was more than innocent even years later.

Hopefully, the man’s conviction finally gives the family some sense of justice despite the abuser and the therapist who gave the family bad advice. Therapists who treat victims of sexual abuse need to be sure they are not making the situation worse. Authorities generally do not automatically disbelieve victims, especially in light of the #MeToo movement. Families should feel free to report these allegations to police and explore any other legal options they may have available to them.

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