New Mexico bans NDAs with sexual harassment settlements

Recent legislation means that it will soon be illegal for New Mexico companies to include nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) in sexual harassment and discrimination settlements. The new measure found few opponents amongst New Mexico lawmakers. Here are some of the significant points surrounding this new measure:

  • Employers will be prohibited from including NDAs in sexual harassment/discrimination settlements
  • The nondisclosure law for employers will go into effect on May 20.
  • Employees making a sexual harassment or discrimination claim against their employer can have their information kept private
  • The settlement amount can also remain private

A hopeful win for victims’ rights

Opponents of the new law say that it could hurt victims of sexual harassment and discrimination by offering fewer incentives for a company to settle such claims while providing victims with less leverage. Proponents make the argument that this new law will help prevent subsequent victims of harassment and discrimination in the workplace by allowing other victims to speak out against those individuals and company practices that perpetuate this behavior.

Making a safer workplace

If you, or a person close to you, was the victim of sexual harassment or discrimination by an employer (or another employee that an employer failed to act on), you need an attorney experienced in employment law and sexual harassment/discrimination lawsuits. 

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