Sexual abuse between romantic partners does exist

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In a romantic relationship, intimate contact is not unusual or unexpected. However, these encounters may not always be consensual, which constitutes sexual abuse. Unfortunately, many people here in New Mexico and elsewhere fail to consider what it actually is simply because they are in a seemingly consensual sexual relationship.

Consensual versus unwanted sexual contact

The fact of the matter is that anytime sexual contact is unwanted, it could constitute abuse. Distinguishing between consensual and unwanted sexual activity is not always difficult for victims. Feeling uneasy or unsafe during and after such an encounter is often a good indicator. People may not realize this right away, but they may want to listen to their instincts since their subconscious minds may be giving them hints.

In some cases, there is no guessing. Some victims experience sexual violence, unwanted sexual acts and other behaviors from a person they should be able to trust. Some abusers coerce or force their partners into sexual acts that make them uncomfortable or afraid. Some even experience sexual harassment from their romantic partners. Whether the sexual abuse is overt or not is irrelevant. No one involved in an intimate relationship should fear his or her partner in or out of the bedroom.

When one partner crosses the line

Most people fail to come forward in light of this type of sexual abuse since romantic encounters are often part of normal relationships. However, when one partner crosses the line and creates fear, discomfort and uneasiness, things may have gone too far. Victims here in New Mexico and elsewhere often fear not being believed if they come forward with these types of allegations. For this reason, it would be greatly beneficial to contact an attorney who helps others with this very issue on a routine basis.

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