Man facing charges after sexual abuse victims come forward

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It is an unfortunate reality that many children are subjected to unwanted sexual contact from adults. Because these adults are often trusted individuals, it can be difficult for children to come forward and tell others about what is happening or has happened to them. They may fear getting in trouble themselves or that their abusers will hurt them further. However, when victims of sexual abuse do come forward, they may be able to seek justice for the wrongdoing they were subjected to.

It was recently reported that one man in New Mexico is currently facing multiple charges regarding criminal sexual contact with children. Three children were reportedly involved in separate incidents. Two of the children were a boy and a girl, both under the age of 13, and the girl told her father about the abuse, which occurred between June 2019 and Sept. 2020. It was unclear whether there was any relation between the girl and boy. The third child was also a girl under the age of 13, and she told her guardians about the abuse, which occurred between 2011 and 2015.

Authorities were informed about the incidents this year, and the 49-year-old man was taken into custody in September. He is currently facing charges for various forms of criminal sexual contact with a minor. He recently pleaded not guilty to the allegations. Nonetheless, the judge involved in the case approved pretrial detention, so the man will stay in custody pending the further order of the court.

It was undoubtedly immensely difficult for these children to bring the sexual abuse they endured to the attention of their parents and guardians. Unfortunately, their ordeals are far from over as they may have to testify against their abuser. As a result, it may prove useful to them and other New Mexico residents in similar situations to have legal support on their side that will help them face this difficult time and understand that the abuse was not their fault.

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