Sexual abuse claims against Boy Scouts reach staggering number

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Sexual Abuse - Plaintiff

Many parents sign their children up for activities that they believe will help them grow and learn new skills. It is likely that many New Mexico parents enrolled their children in the Boy Scouts of America over the decades thinking that their children would have fun, make friends and learn a great deal. Unfortunately, many parents may be regretting signing their children up after nearly 90,000 claims have come against the organization for sexual abuse that occurred throughout the decades.

Reports indicate that the claims have been pouring in after the Boy Scouts organization filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. The bankruptcy resulted due to the Scouts facing hundreds of lawsuits by individuals stating that they were sexually abused by Scout leaders and other individuals within the organization. After the bankruptcy filing, the organization put forth a campaign to notify potential victims that they had until Nov. 16 to come forward if they wished to make a claim against the organization for compensation.

It was noted that many of the abuse claims stem from those who were scouts in the 1960s through the 1980s, when the organization did not require background checks or provide abuse prevention training. Nonetheless, these victims deserve reparations for the wrongdoing they were subjected to. Reports indicated that a compensation fund for abuse survivors would be created as part of the organization’s bankruptcy proceedings.

It can seem daunting to come forward with a sexual abuse claim, especially after decades have passed. However, individuals in New Mexico who have survived such abuse deserve to be heard and to seek recompense. Parties interested in gaining more information on their legal options for holding their abusers accountable for their actions may want to discuss their specific situations with experienced attorneys.

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