School district accused of allowing sexual abuse of students

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Sexual Abuse - Plaintiff

Children are vulnerable in any number of ways. When adult authority figures take advantage of that vulnerability, children can be left facing harrowing circumstances because the people who they should have been able to trust, such as teachers, placed the children in compromising positions. In far too many cases, sexual abuse of students occurs because some unscrupulous teachers or others in authority roles allow it to happen.

It was recently reported that a lawsuit has been filed against a New Mexico school district after information about repeated sexual abuse of students came to light. The report indicated that abusive behaviors were allowed to continue for approximately a decade in the school district because school officials did not take steps to prevent it or to punish those who committed the crime. The recent lawsuit was filed on behalf of a female student who claimed that a basketball coach sexually exploited her as a 14-year-old.

The coach is not the only individual accused of such heinous acts as the report stated that such allegations have come against teachers, coaches and janitorial staff in the school district since 2013. Specific allegations against the school district include:

  • Retaliating against individuals who reported the abuse and inappropriate behavior
  • Ignoring the abuse that took place over the years
  • Failing to prevent the sexual abuse of students

The lows that people go to in order to exploit vulnerable children can spark anger in anyone. Now, it is necessary for these abusers and those who were complicit in allowing the sexual abuse to continue to be held accountable for their actions and negligence. As this New Mexico case shows, taking legal action may be an appropriate course of action.

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