Former chiropractor accused of sexual abuse by multiple women

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Some individuals in life almost naturally garner the trust of other people. Some of those individuals may include teachers or doctors or those in similar professions. Unfortunately, this trust can easily be broken when someone abuses their power and position of trust by committing sexual abuse. In far too many cases, one individual could subject multiple people to abusive actions.

New Mexico readers may be interested in a case in another state involving a former chiropractor who is accused by multiple woman of sexual abuse and assault. According to reports, one woman came forward last year with a complaint that the man assaulted her during the course of her medical care. After her initial complaint, the man was charged with three counts of sexual assault and one count of harassment.

Additional information regarding the situation includes:

  • Additional victims came forward after the charges were made public.
  • A total of seven woman have come forward with accusations against the former chiropractor, including a former co-worker.
  • It was noted that one common aspect of the situation was that all the victims were made to undress during the course of their treatment no matter what type of treatment they received.
  • The man was released from custody on bail and has left the state and come to New Mexico to live while the trial is pending.

Facing sexual abuse from a trusted party can cause mush emotional turmoil and often physical harm to victims. If individuals in New Mexico believe they were abused by someone in a position of authority, it may be worthwhile for them to look into their legal options. Handling this type of ordeal alone can seem frightening, but victims can have legal advocates on their side to help them through these difficulties.

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