3 Athletes Accuse Former Coach Of Sexual Abuse

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The relationship between athletes and coaches in New Mexico and elsewhere can be a strong bond that is built on trust and a common goal of growth and success. However, should a coach take things too far, the impact that unwarranted behavior could have on an athlete’s life could prove difficult to measure. Reports indicate that several former athletes and an employee of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard team have accused the team’s former coach of sexual abuse.

Reports of abuse

According to reports, all four individuals have filed complaints accusing the man of sexual abuse. One of them claims that during a ski trip, the coach approached her in bed and initiated inappropriate physical contact. The former coach also stands accused of subjecting the four women to unwanted advances and contact, and of forcing them to take inappropriate pictures on numerous occasions.

The women say that the coach would coerce them into staying in the same room during trips on various occasions, subjecting them to unjust behavior with each instance. They also say that fear of retaliation or of losing their position on the team caused them to hesitate to come forward with complaints. While the coach denies taking part in such behavior, reports indicate that he has already lost his position as coach due to the complaints.

Protecting one’s rights and interests

While being subjected to sexual abuse can be harrowing under any circumstance, stepping forward with a complaint about unlawful behavior can still be an intimidating endeavor. Those who suffer harm under similar scenarios and remain uncertain of how best to approach the situation could consider speaking with an attorney for guidance on their available legal rights and options. An attorney in New Mexico can work toward safeguarding a client’s rights and interests and assist him or her in navigating every stage of the subsequent process.

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