Ohio State Agrees To $2 Million Following Recent Sex Abuse Claims

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Sexual Abuse - Plaintiff

Many college universities in New Mexico and elsewhere may have on-site campus facilities that provide students with access to medical care. Doctors who work closely with a university may hold prestigious positions, and should they use their position of power to take advantage of others, those subjected to sexual misconduct in the process may be afraid to step forward. Ohio State University has reportedly agreed to pay $2 million in settlements following recent complaints of sexual abuse brought against former physician Richard Strauss.

Recent complaints

Reports indicate that Strauss operated as a physician for the university for around 20 years, starting back in the late 1970s. Recent lawsuits state that numerous individuals have accused the former doctor of exhibiting sexual misconduct. These claims included reports of inappropriate touching and other behaviors while the doctor evaluated their injuries and health conditions during visits.

According to reports, nearly 300 people filed complaints against Strauss under similar circumstances. Reports state that Ohio State has agreed to pay a substantial sum to settle recent claims, bringing the total amount paid in settlement agreements over the matter to $60 million. Reports also indicate that there are still numerous parties who have filed claims against the doctor that remain unresolved.

Preparing for the process

While those who encounter sexual abuse under such circumstances may wish to seek justice, preparing to initiate the process can be stressful and intimidating. When facing such a scenario, individuals in New Mexico might benefit from knowing that they do not have to go through this alone, and by consulting with an attorney, a person could obtain much-needed guidance through every step of the process. An attorney can evaluate a client’s situation thoroughly and assist in creating a strategy to protect his or her interests and pursue the restitution entitled through the proper channels.

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