Former Corrections Officer Faces Allegations Of Sexual Abuse

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Individuals who hold a position of power may also carry a great deal of responsibility, and any misuse of power could have a devastating impact on the lives of others nearby. Individuals in New Mexico who are subjected to unlawful behavior by a person in such a position might not know how best to handle the situation and they may even be afraid to step forward and report the issue, at least at first. A woman in another state has recently filed a complaint against a former corrections officer accusing him of sexual abuse. 

Reports of abuse 

According to reports, the woman claims the former corrections officer subjected her to sexual abuse for numerous months while she was an inmate at the facility. She claims the man threated to harm her if she did not comply with his demands. She says that it started out as requests to remove her clothing and pose for pictures, but soon turned to demands for sexual acts.  

The lawsuit states that the woman suffered severe harm due to months of unlawful treatment and the fear that these pictures might resurface may continue to haunt her through the rest of life. Reports indicate that this is not the first time the former corrections officer has faced similar allegations. According to reports, he has been the subject of at least six lawsuits stemming from claims of sexual abuse. 

Where to turn 

Regardless of how it happens, individuals in New Mexico who suffer sexual abuse may wish to step forward and share their stories, but they might be uncertain where to turn for guidance in the process. Those who encounter similar challenges in life could consider consulting with an attorney for advice on their options and on the next steps to take to safeguard their legal rights and interests. An attorney can help address any fears a client might have about stepping forward and help him or her better prepare to confront the issue and seek the full amount of restitution entitled. 

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