Prominent Doctor Found Guilty Of Sex Abuse

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Dealing with pain can be a harrowing process and those who struggle with similar issues may go to great lengths to seek relief. Individuals in New Mexico who turn to medical professionals for aid in taking steps to manage their health concerns have the right to expect and receive a certain standard of care and they should be able to rely on such parties not to take advantage of the situation, but things might not always turn out as intended. Reports indicate that a prominent doctor in another state was recently found guilty of sex abuse following an investigation into claims about misconduct. 

Reports of the investigation 

According to reports, numerous patients came forward with claims that the prominent neurologist had subjected them to sexual misconduct. Many of these reports included information about abuse that took place during medical examinations. Reports indicate that the doctor was accused of abusing his position of power to gain control over patients and in some cases, giving them dangerous amounts of medication to maintain this control. 

Reports also indicate that he was accused of refusing to provide treatment or medication to patients who did not comply with his requests. An investigation into the incident asserts that several of those who were subjected to sexual misconduct while under his care suffered life-altering harm in the process. Some of these individuals reportedly suffered severe emotional trauma, while others developed drug addictions. Reports indicate that he was convicted on a dozen counts of sexual abuse during recent legal proceedings. 

The repercussions 

Sex abuse can occur under a variety of scenarios and the fallout of such treatment could take a dire toll on a victim’s life. Those who encounter such unlawful treatment and remain uncertain of the next steps to take to address the issue and safeguard their interests could benefit from retaining the services of an attorney for guidance. An attorney can help a client in New Mexico better understand his or her legal rights and available options and assist in preparing to navigate every step of the subsequent process. 

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