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Espanola Valley High School Tasing

Kennedy, Kennedy & Ives | Civil Rights Law

Friday May 31, 2019

We will pursue every legal avenue to ensure justice for our client and to make certain educators understand the criminalization of normal adolescent, male behavior fails our communities and our children. Although the deputy should have known his conduct would have been unlawful under any circumstances, in this case, the child has a special education plan that requires deescalation before the school imposes any discipline. The deputy’s cruel, grotesque, and unconstitutional use of force against a young male with developmental disabilities is child abuse. We will file suit against the deputy and the “educators” who enabled his brutality. We will also work with federal and local prosecutors to hold everyone criminally accountable for the needless torture of this young man.
Kennedy, Kennedy, & Ives

Video shows deputy using Taser on 15-year-old boy at Espanola Valley HS