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Who Polices The Police? We Do.

When police interact with civilians, the difference in power is staggering. Those who take advantage of this lopsided dynamic fail in their legal and moral duties and betray the trust their community has placed in them.

Based in Albuquerque, Kennedy Law Firm is a firm committed to justice for survivors of sexual abuse, including misconduct committed by police officers.

A Badge Does Not Grant Ultimate Power

Police sexual misconduct includes acts of sexual harassment, rape and sexual extortion by police officers. These acts are often committed against people who are in a vulnerable position, such as young people in job-shadowing programs or drivers who are pulled over late at night.

According to a 2010 Cato Institute study, sexual misconduct or harassment is the second-most reported form of police misconduct after excessive force. Domestic violence is also three times more common among police officers than civilians. Proper training is one necessary step to fixing a broken system, but nothing will change if no one brings the fight to them.

With You Every Step Of The Way

It is infuriatingly common for police to use the threat of drug or prostitution charges to force women into sexual acts, and since they usually work alone and unsupervised they think they can get away with it. We refuse to accept that.

Reporting sexual misconduct by police is scary. Reports to a district attorney usually are routed back to the police department, where the investigation might go nowhere, or the survivor may face retaliation. But when survivors in New Mexico find the strength to stand up, we are right behind them. Our lawyers offer strong, compassionate support to guide them throughout the process. We can also help you bring a case against the police force that should have prevented the abuse.

With over 75 years of combined experience, our attorneys have the skills and knowledge to protect your medical records, your privacy and even your identity if necessary. Every decision is made with our clients’ safety in mind.

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