A high-profile abuse case, but with sadly common elements

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2019 | Sexual Abuse - Plaintiff

A national news piece reports that a former ice-skating student recently filed a lawsuit alleging repeated acts of sexual abuse inflicted upon him by a coach when he was a minor.

And he also posed a searing question that is sadly asked recurrently by legions of victimized teenagers.

“How did this happen?” he queried on a national news show last month.

It’s not rocket science, but the explanation for such heinous criminal conduct can never comfort young victims when they reach adulthood. Nor does it seemingly point the way for reduced instances of sexual abuse, which continue unabated across the country, including in New Mexico.

We know intimately at the proven victims’ law firm of Kennedy Law Firm in Albuquerque why perpetrators are often able to sexually hurt children. Moreover, our experienced and aggressive attorneys know equally well how to hold such individuals accountable and empower valued clients via meaningful legal remedies and maximum compensation that promotes healing.

Sadly, and in a nutshell, wrongdoers often use their age and guile to instill young victims’ trust. It is often the case that a criminal is an authority figure, such as a teacher, clergy member or mentor.

Or, as noted in the instant story, a person described as “one of the nation’s most legendary skating coaches.”

That individual was just slapped with a lifetime coaching ban by a national sports organization. More importantly, he must now answer in court to the multiple allegations against him.

The accusations follow additional charges of inappropriate conduct levied by another person, as well. That individual, who is now a 56-year-old principal in the skating world, states that he was also abused by the coach as a youngster.

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