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Albuquerque Sexual Abuse Legal Blog

What constitutes sexual harassment in New Mexico?

You love your new place of employment, but there's a problem. One of the coworkers that you need to be around frequently keeps commenting on your looks. It seemed harmless at first, since they were saying they liked your hair or a certain part of your outfit, but now that has turned into comments with unwanted touching.

You didn't mind someone saying your hair looked nice, but running their hands through it is totally different. The same is true about suddenly lifting up a pendant that is hanging around your neck. It all feels very invasive.

What is a whistleblower? Here's what you should know

You were at work when you saw your managers having a relatively private meeting at an unusual time. You thought you saw money change hands, which seemed odd. You ignored it at the time, but you later overheard someone talking about the "bonus" they'd gotten after helping in accounting.

In your mind, something just didn't add up. You didn't want to get blamed if money turned up missing, so you reached out to a local agency that would allow you to report the incident. Later, you found out that several of the parties had been involved in accounting fraud, and you had blown the whistle on them.

Alarming: the problem re Internet imagery of abused children

We submit that no other news story garnering headlines presently is as immediately gripping and tragically sad as what we report below in our Kennedy Kennedy & Ives blog post for this week.

We are well accustomed at our established client-empowering Albuquerque law firm to hearing harrowing stories from victims abused by sexual predators. All such related experiences are of course heart-rending and cry out for strong responsive legal action that demands accountability and justice.

Female police officers take a stand against harassment

Nine female officers took a stand against sexual harassment and gender discrimination in a recent lawsuit against the Philadelphia Police Department. According to Billy Penn, it roughly equals one suit every other month for the east coast station.

The court documents show that more than half of all employment-related settlements went to female officers – which is only 27% of the Philadelphia police force. Most of those settlements came from cases dealing with sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

A high-profile abuse case, but with sadly common elements

A national news piece reports that a former ice-skating student recently filed a lawsuit alleging repeated acts of sexual abuse inflicted upon him by a coach when he was a minor.

And he also posed a searing question that is sadly asked recurrently by legions of victimized teenagers.

Were you fired after reporting sexual harassment?

If you witness sexual harassment in the workplace or experience it yourself, you will probably want to do what you can to make sure that it never happens again. You will likely want to take action by reporting the incident to your manager or the appropriate government agency. If you have a genuine belief that sexual harassment occurred, you have the right to take this type of action without fear of the consequences.

As well as having the right to report sexual harassment at work, you also have protection from retaliation. If you reported the instance of potential sexual harassment and you were promptly fired after doing so, you may be able to take legal action by asserting your rights under whistleblower protection laws. You should take the time to learn more about your rights under the law before doing so.

Co-star of cop drama quits, claims discrimination and harassment

The ABC show “The Rookie” has lost a co-star. Afton Williamson plays a police officer on the show. She has quit due to claims of sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

Williamson posted on Instagram about quitting. She said that the harassment and discrimination started with the pilot episode and got worse throughout the first season. After she felt that the production company was not responding to her claims, she decided not to return for the second season.

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