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Albuquerque Sexual Abuse Legal Blog

Priests in longstanding Albuquerque church accused of sexual abuse

The Immaculate Conception Church commands a notably long historical presence in Albuquerque. The parish recently had a celebration commemorating 135 years of formal existence as a formal Jesuit community in the area.

The Albuquerque Journal notes in a recent article that the church administers multiple outreach and related programs to area residents with various needs. One such initiative reaches out to young offenders at a detention center.

African-American women face the double threat of misogyny noir

There are multiple kinds of discrimination that people can face, and some populations of people are subject to more than one kind of discrimination. Most people understand that women can face gender-based discrimination or abuse in their workplace. Quite a few others recognize that racial discrimination is still a factor in many companies and industries.

All too often, people fail to notice the uncomfortable intersection of racial prejudice and gender discrimination. African American women are members of two of the most discriminated against subsets of the population in the United States. That means that even in places where gender discrimination isn't an issue, they can still face unfair treatment.

Fear of workplace retaliation keeps victims of harassment quiet

Women working in law enforcement, whether they patrol the roads as police officers or secure prisons as correctional officers, do great civil service as part of their daily work. They likely take a lot of pride in the job that they do while also putting their safety on the line for the benefit of society as a whole.

Unfortunately, women working as police or correctional officers can also suffer a lot of abuse and harassment in what has historically been a male-dominated field. These same women may also worry about the potential consequences of coming forward with claims of abuse or harassment. Women in any workplace, particularly those who want to stay in the same career, may struggle with coming forward with allegations of either workplace discrimination or sexual harassment. It is normal for people to worry about the potential for such complaints to affect their careers.

An unflagging spotlight: sexual abuse in women's prisons

We prominently note on our website at Kennedy Kennedy Ives the sadly egalitarian nature of sexual abuse.

What we mean by that are the recurring instances of abuse that routinely occur in virtually every type of venue. We underscore at our established pro-victims' law firm in Albuquerque our diligent advocacy of injured parties "in public schools, group homes, residential treatment centers, subsidized housing and other institutions that receive public funding."

What remedy does the law provide for sexual abuse victims?

Avenues of legal recourse for crime victims are often widely paved and wholly satisfactory as conduits for securing justice against wrongdoers. That is, criminal perpetrators are held fully accountable for their unlawful conduct, with relevant law punishing them in a manner that goes far toward making victims feel both empowered and wholly vindicated.

Sometimes that outcome is less than clearly realized, though, especially in select criminal law realms.

Sex abuse findings from study the second time around: about the same

No improvement.

That is largely the bottom line evidenced by researchers after they culled the results from a voluminous study spotlighting the prevalence of sexual abuse on America’s university campuses.

What constitutes sexual harassment in New Mexico?

You love your new place of employment, but there's a problem. One of the coworkers that you need to be around frequently keeps commenting on your looks. It seemed harmless at first, since they were saying they liked your hair or a certain part of your outfit, but now that has turned into comments with unwanted touching.

You didn't mind someone saying your hair looked nice, but running their hands through it is totally different. The same is true about suddenly lifting up a pendant that is hanging around your neck. It all feels very invasive.

What is a whistleblower? Here's what you should know

You were at work when you saw your managers having a relatively private meeting at an unusual time. You thought you saw money change hands, which seemed odd. You ignored it at the time, but you later overheard someone talking about the "bonus" they'd gotten after helping in accounting.

In your mind, something just didn't add up. You didn't want to get blamed if money turned up missing, so you reached out to a local agency that would allow you to report the incident. Later, you found out that several of the parties had been involved in accounting fraud, and you had blown the whistle on them.

Alarming: the problem re Internet imagery of abused children

We submit that no other news story garnering headlines presently is as immediately gripping and tragically sad as what we report below in our Kennedy Kennedy & Ives blog post for this week.

We are well accustomed at our established client-empowering Albuquerque law firm to hearing harrowing stories from victims abused by sexual predators. All such related experiences are of course heart-rending and cry out for strong responsive legal action that demands accountability and justice.

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