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Holding Police Officers Responsible For Their Illegal Actions

Widespread police misconduct has become an undeniable fact of life in America. Cellphone videos, police dashcams, body cameras and other recording devices provide the proof when police abuse their power. But someone still has to step up and hold them accountable.

The lawyers at Kennedy Law Firm understand the long-lasting damage caused by police officers, supervisors and, in some cases, an entire police force failing to uphold their duty to protect and serve. When police betray the trust the people of their communities have placed in them, we’ll be there.

Standing Up For Communities Where Police Have Failed

Diana Guerrero, a student who was sexually assaulted by a police officer while participating in an internship program for high school students, described the lasting impact of abuse by police in a letter when we brought her case to court:

“…anytime I see or hear anything to do with a badge or law enforcement, I find my heart racing, shaking, sweating, crying, with all the flashbacks to that horrible day in that unmarked police vehicle. I usually have to remove myself into a safer-feeling location to regain my composure.”

Diana’s comments are the reason we refuse to stop seeking justice for individuals. We understand that many police officers lack the training and professional environment to fulfill their responsibilities with integrity. We use the legal system to make the changes that need to happen.

Using The Law To Affect Change

Our attorneys’ goal is that our clients’ cases ultimately result in policy changes that ensure officers are properly trained to the highest ethical standards.

In the case of our client James Boyd, a homeless man shot and killed for illegal camping, our suit detailed 17 demands for policy change. These included mandatory crisis intervention training and an end to hiring of officers fired from other police agencies.

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