Sexism in the tech industry

The tech industry continues to grow nationwide, creating the new programs and new forms of technology that we all depend on. Despite the cutting-edge developments of these businesses, the all-too-familiar problem of sexism is common in this industry.

Women are underrepresented in the tech industry.

As with many fields related to science and mathematics, women make up a relatively small percentage of the tech industry. Women made up only a quarter of all computing roles in recent years. These issues only increase when race is considered alongside gender. Hiring bias, while often unconscious, continues an environment where men are the default in technology-related positions.

Overt sexism is all too common.

Hiring fewer women is not the only way that the tech industry treats women differently. One report found that over one-third of women in the tech industry have experienced sexism in the workplace. This can result in hostile work environments for many, and at worst it can drive women out of the industry.

Issues of harassment and biased hiring are not likely to be resolved within the current culture of the industry. For women to be better represented in the tech industry and to improve the hostile work environments they experience, these incidents need to be reported. Victims of discrimination and harassment should also consider speaking to an attorney about their experiences. A lawyer can help them hold their employer accountable.

By pushing back against sexism, employees can right the wrongs experienced by themselves and their coworkers. Their actions can also prevent these challenges from harming future employees.

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