Man arrested after authorities alerted to sexual abuse

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Children and teenagers often want to think the best of adults. They are commonly told to trust adults, and they often do not have the mental maturity to understand when an adult may not have their best interests in mind. Unfortunately, many young people face sexual abuse from adults who manipulate and exploit those children. 

New Mexico readers may be interested in the recent arrest of a man in another state after allegations of sexual abuse came against him. The following details were released in reports: 

  • The man was reported as being 28 years old. 
  • The victim was reported as being a female under the age of 17. 
  • The man is accused of sexually abusing the girl and of creating child pornography involving the victim. 
  • The man and the victim reportedly knew each other, but details were not provided on how or how well they knew each other. 

Authorities were alerted to the abuse and began an investigation into the incident. Approximately two weeks after being contacted about the situation, officers arrested the man on charges of possession of child pornography and aggravated criminal sexual abuse. At the time of the report, it appeared that the man was still in custody. 

Coming forward with information about incidents of sexual abuse can be immensely difficult, especially for a child or teenager. However, their information could help have a predator taken into custody to face justice. This type of ordeal can be stressful and challenging on many levels, but having compassionate legal counsel on their side may help victims through the process. 

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