Man convicted of sexual abuse that occurred in 2012

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When crimes are committed against children, the situation is often not fully understood until they are older. Unfortunately, many young children face sexual abuse at the hands of parents, stepparents, teachers and other authority figures, and at the time, those children may be told that they will get in trouble if they tell. In some cases, the children may not even know to tell because they are made to believe that the abuse is acceptable. As a result, it may be years before children understand and report the wrongdoing they faced. 

This type of ordeal unfortunately played out with one girl in New Mexico. According to reports, the girl was 8 years old when she was sexually abused by her stepfather when he came home drunk one night. The incident occurred in 2012, and the girl, who is now 17, recently told family members about the incident. The family then reported it to police. 

The following situation then unfolded with the now 37-year-old man: 

  • He was taken into custody and charged in relation to the incident. 
  • Recently, he was found guilty of two counts of criminal sexual penetration. 
  • He was also charged with criminal sexual contact of a minor. 
  • His sentencing was still pending decision at the time of the report. 

A conviction for sexual abuse of a minor can feel like a significant step forward for the victims of such crimes. Of course, many individuals who experienced such abuse as young children may not know that they can still report these incidents as they grow into teens or adults. If New Mexico residents suspect that a child has suffered at the hands of an adult, reporting the incident may help justice be served. 

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