Former college professor facing charges for sexual abuse

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Enduring any type of abuse at any age can have lasting effects. When individuals are in their developmental years, particularly childhood and teenage years, abusive actions can often have an even more significant effect on their well-being. Unfortunately, sexual abuse occurs far too often by individuals who are in positions of trust and authority. 

New Mexico readers may be interested in the recent arrest of a former community college professor in another state. According to report, the 38-year-old woman was recently reported for committing sexual abuse against a child. Details on the victim and when the report was made were unclear, but the report indicated that sources believed the abuse to have happened in “the distant past.” Nonetheless, the woman was taken into custody and was still in custody on a $500,000 bond at the time of the report. 

Authorities executed a warrant search warrant at the woman’s residence, where she was arrested. She is currently facing the following charges: 

  • 30 counts of sexual abuse 
  • Eight counts of sodomy 
  • Two counts of traveling to meet a child for a sex act 

It can often take years for sexual abuse victims to fully understand what happened to them, and often, reports of the abuse may come about years later, which may be the situation in this case. Still, even if years have passed, victims may have legal options for having their abusers held accountable under law. If New Mexico residents believe that they have reason to come forward with similar reports, they may wish to contact experienced legal counsel who could compassionately help them through the process. 

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